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The Valueon Inc.


The Valueon Inc. specialises in introducing and providing an experience of local Japanese culture to international visitors. There are many unknown, beautiful and traditional examples of culture, nature and history in Japan. Notably, local areas are blessed with particular cultures that Japanese people established, cherishing harmony and symbiosis with nature from ancient times. Valueon Inc was founded to share this unique and exciting culture with people worldwide.

We started with Shiga where is near Kyoto and Osaka and will expand and enhance our offer in the future. You will enjoy various traditional art, such as pottery, local Sake, drawing rooms in shrines and temples, and get a sense of the historic Shiga throughout our exclusive tour.

The message for you

Using public transportation in Japan has never been easier for visitors from overseas. Throughout the entirety of your time with us, you will be fully escorted with our experienced interpreter-guides, who are very familiar with the local traffic and transportation. Joining a Knowbyheart escort tour gives you not only a fantastic cultural experience, but also hassle-free travelling. Enjoy breathtaking landscapes from the bus window and relish the tranquil countryside on foot.
Thank you very much for reading our tour information. Have a wonderful time in Japan!

President’s career

Graduated from the Department of Electronic Engineering, National Takuma College of Technology. Joined TIS Corporation. As a system engineer and project manager, he is mainly involved in system construction projects for major travel agencies. After that, engaged in planning, development and sales management of Japanese Minpaku. In 2018, founded “Future Creation Company Valueon Inc.” to create a new tourism market. Born in Kagawa Prefecture, lives in Kyoto Prefecture.