Get on a train, without folding a bike!

Omi Railway
The train service which allows cyclists to put a bike in a carriage.

A local railway called “Omi Testudo” runs about 60km across the Eastern part of Lake Biwa. Combine the train journey with a bike to make your travel more relaxed and more comfortable. You are allowed to get on a train without folding the bike. Go for the train between stations, and enjoy biking around sightseeing spots.

A cyclist waits for a train with a bike on a platform (see a photo below).

After receiving a ticket, put your bike aside and seat in a carriage during your journey. Don’t ride on the bike inside. When arriving at your destination, pay a fee to a driver near the exit. There is a barrier-free path from a platform to a station house.

A bike’s availability is subject to a station.
A bike’s availability is subject to the period.
A cyclist must follow the instruction given by Omi Railway and a rent-a-cycle shop.

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