Discover Omi merchants’ spirit

Omi merchant residence in Gokasho

Higashiomi city, which stands on the shore of the Lake Biwa, is located at the heart of Japan. It is also close to an old Japanese capital, Kyoto, which has flourished as a transportation hub since ancient times. Vendors called “Omi merchants” who used to trade local foods in markets with carrying-poles on their shoulders, finally benefitted from the excellent location. They gained customers’ trust after working hard and expanding their business, which led them to succeed in life. Among the wealthy merchants, Shigeru Tonomura achieved outstanding success. You will visit his house to explore the Omi merchant’s life.

The Omi merchants’ famous management philosophy is “Sampo yoshi”, Good for the seller, Good for the buyer, and Good for society. Why did they trade in remote areas, such as Nakasendo or Tohoku region, not in other populated areas like Tokaido? Why did they undertake a public enterprise at their expense though they weren’t governmental officials? Step in the entrance hall and sense the good old times of Japan. Each family precept displayed inside the house will tell you about the long tradition inherited from medieval times.

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Traffic information

It takes 10 minutes by bike from Omi Railway Gokasho station. The train service which allows customers to put a bike in a carriage is convenient. Please contact us for details. Address: 645 Kondocho Gokasho Higashiomi city, Shiga prefecture, 529-1405