Savour fresh fish, Iwana, at a 350 years-old-house with thatched roof and sunken hearth.

Charcoal fire is soothing

The Hitomi sanso serves various style of cuisine with a fresh fish called Iwana, which is cooked in a traditional sunken hearth called Irori. Enjoy carpaccio, freshly sliced sashimi with Awa soy source and grilled Iwana seasoned with salt and garlic oil. All of the dishes created by the house owner will satisfy your palette.

We rent the 350-years-old Irori for this tour. It is fantastic to sit around the Irori and try Iwana-zukushi cooked in front of your eyes. Not only that, delicious side dishes filled with local ingredients, such as Eigenji-temple Konjak will amaze you. It is fun to learn traditional cooking techniques. Besides the Iwana grilled on charcoal, you will enjoy tea made with boiled water in a tea kettle hanging from the ceiling of the Irori. It is all about the Japanese old village life.

Why not book the experience via Knowbyheart to get more useful information, such as a master’s talk and food ingredients served at the Hitomi sanso and the old farmer’s house.
The house is available for one night stay. One group only. The rate differs depending on the number of people.
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Special experience

Iwana-zukushi dishes


  • 6,000 yen per person (excl tax)


  • Fee for drinks is not included. You must pay separately.
  • Translation app Voice Biz is available for conversation.
  • An interpreter guide is available as necessary
  • The single house is rentable only for a single group per day. The price differs, depending on the number of guests. Please contact us.
  • Booking is required. Please fill in the application form below.

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Traffic information

A bus or a taxi is available from Omi Railway Yokaichi station. Please contact us if you need another form of transfer.
Address: 1691 Shimandokorocho Higashiomi city, Shiga prefecture, 527-0204