Make your own globally unique Nunobikiyaki

Stunning colour scheme! Nunobikiyaki Pottery

The Nunobikiyaki pottery is a modern version of Ryokusaitoki pottery which was originally made in the Heian Period. After 1,000 years lapsed, Ryokusaitoki was reborn as Nunobikiyaki. It stands out for the beautiful colour created with a unique technique called “Shichisaitenmoku.” A master potter of the workshop, Taro Kojima is a co-artist produced the Tower of the Sun with the late Taro Okamoto to exhibit at the Osaka Expo.

In early 1970, Kojima first opened his workshop in the forest where a vast number of owls were living. He felt that the birds were his guardians. For this reason, he wanted to make some owl-themed pottery with the Nanasaitenmku method. In the end, his creation became a mascot called “Fukugakomoru.” At present, Kazuhiro Kojima, Taro’s son, creates many more fascinating owl-themed ceramics, which are on display. You can not see his craftworks anywhere else, so don’t miss this opportunity. Immerse yourself in the magical pottery world!

Special experience

Why not make one-in-the-world Nunobiliyaki with a photograph of your pet or favourite landscape filled with great memories? You can decide on a design with a potter in the workshop.

[Price] 40,000 yen per person (excl tax)~

[Duration] About 1 hour (consultation with a potter about your design)


  • Booking is required. Please fill in the application form below.
  • It takes 3-4 month to complete your pottery.
  • We may decline your request, depending on the design you want. Please contact us for details.

Traffic information

It takes 10 minutes by bike from the Omi Railway Yokaichi station. The train service allowing customers to put a bike in a carriage is convenient. A community bus is also available. Please contact us for details.
Address: 466 Sotomachi, Higashiomi city, Shiga prefecture, 527-0042