A must-try food is Omi Beef in Higashiomi

Omi Beef – one of three major wagyu brand-
Enjoy Omi beef sukiyaki!

Omi beef sukiyaki is a must-try dish in Higashiomi. It is a beef hot pot seasoned with delicious local soy source and cooked together with green spring onions in an iron pot.

The meat fat is sweet and not greasy at all so that you will digest it easily. Savour the taste of Omi beef in Sukiyaki! Many of the local meat shops vouched for the quality, saying “Sukiyaki is the only cooking method to get the best out of the Omi beef.” So, it is said that the locals spend their first salary to purchase this Sukiyaki as a treat for themselves.
Freshly cooked rice harvested from local farms is served with sukiyaki. The rice available only in Higashiomi is valuable. Main ingredients for Sukiyaki come from local shops. Soy source is from Maruhachi soy source brewery, Chojifu is from Fuju Shoten in Yokaichi city, Itokojak is from Eigenji-Temple. This special menu on tour is offered for a limited period only.
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Traffic information

It takes 5 minutes on foot from Omi Railway Yokaichi station.
Address: 2-22 Higashinakanocho, Higashiomi city, Shiga prefecture, 527-0013