Samurai pride rebelled against the Shogun

Why did they fight against the Shogun?

The warrior called “Bushi” played an active role in the Sengoku Period (mid-15centry to early 17 century). Around the time, warlords called “Sengoku daimyo” continuously battled to unify Japan. Nobunaga Oda succeeded to gain power and control over many parts of Japan. However, Hyakusai-ji Temple categorically opposed him. Amid the domestic disturbance, Nobunaga who gained the momentum attempted to control the Omi region, intending to designate the temple as his prayer hall. The temple resisted his request, knowing that it would cause a devastating consequence. As a result, the temple ground was entirely burned down. If they agreed with him, Nobunaga might have protected them so that the temple would have flourished more. Why did they battle against Nobunaga?

Special experience

The experience programme takes you to the study of Kiken-in where is not usually open to the public. There, you will learn about the battle throughout a chief priest’s talk. He explains one of the temple’s cultural properties, Ishibikizu-ema which depicts people taking out stones from the temple grounds for building Azuchi castle. On top of that, his unique historical views and Omi region’s folklores will entertain you. The exclusive experience takes one hour.

  1. 1. Exclusive insider access to Kiken-in
  2. 2. Learn about Ema painted during the Sengoku period
  3. 3. Enjoy a chief priest’s unique view on history and Omi region’s folklore at the study of Kiken-in.
  4. 4. Taste “Hyakusaiji-Taru” made in 2018, a replica of the sake brewed at the temple 444 years ago.

[Price] 18,000 yen per person (excl tax)
[Duration] About 1 hour

  • [Note] Language for the tour is Japanese. Our interpreter guide is available as necessary. Please contact us.
  • The number of sake is limited. Tea is served when it is sold out.
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