The Spiritual Spot, “Tarobo Shrine”

“Tarobo Shrine” is famous for a deity of victory

The Shinto shrine with a tradition of 1400 years

The Tarobo Shrine has been worshipped as a god of victory since ancient times. Olympic medalists, sporting celebrities and many supporters visit the shrine to pray for success.

The big highlight of this experience is spiritual power flowing around Mt Akagami. Feel the spirit at the shrine standing on the cliff of the mountain.

Special experience

  • 絶壁からの景観

A Shinto priest guides you through the shrine grounds where a deity resides. With the guided tour, you will learn about the basics of Shinto and a deity of victory. Not only that, but you will also watch an ancient ritual called Kagura dance in the worship hall that is not normally open to the public. Furthermore, another exciting experience, lucky charm making awaits you. Make a globally unique lucky charm with a piece of spiritual rock, “Meotoiwa”! There are plenty of options to choose your favourite colour or design for charm.


  1. Make your own lucky charm with Meotoiwa
  2. Taste Higashiomi’s local sake “ Junmai Daiginjo Kirakucho”
  3. Enter the worship hall with exclusive access
  4. Enjoy a guided tour with a Shinto priest and learn about Mt Akagami and Shinto

[Price]16,000 yen per person(excl tax)

[Duration] About 2-3 hours

  • *Booking is required. Please fill in the application form below.
  • [Note] Language for the tour is Japanese. Our interpreter guide is available as necessary. Cancellation may occur, subject to availability at the shrine. Please contact us.

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Traffic information

It takes 15 minutes by bike from the Omi Railway Yokaichi station. The train service allowing customers to put a bike in a carriage is convenient. It takes 10 minutes on foot from Tarobogu-mae station. There are 500 steps to reach the worship hall. Please walk at your pace. Please contact us for details.

Address: 2247 Kowakicho, Higashiomi city, Shiga prefecture, 527-0091