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“Gokasho Kondo” The Birthplace of Omi merchants who looked ahead 100 years

Gokasho Kondo district is located to the east of Lake Biwa, the largest lake in Japan. This historic town is well-known for the birthplace of Omi merchants so that there are many storehouses surrounded with Funaitabei and white walls. Beautiful canals running through the region have carp swimming elegantly. It’s magnificent!

The district is the birthplace for the Omi merchants who exercised a particular management philosophy, “ Sanpo Yoshi.” They used to be vendors travelled around domestic markets for trading local produce, carrying poles on their shoulders. Gradually, they expanded their business and promoted to be one of Japan’s wealthiest merchant groups.

“Sanpo Yoshi” means three-way satisfaction. Business transactions provide benefits to all stakeholders. What’s good for the seller is suitable for the buyer, which is good for society. The merchants not only pursued their interests but also contributed to their community, building schools and bridges.
Their written family precept shows some rules of Sanpo Yoshi, for example, handle with care, be considerate and be humble. Another one is profiting is not wrong as far as you give back your profits to society as it leads your business to thrive for a long time. Gokasho Kondo is blessed with Sanpo Yoshi sprit. You will sense their spirit while strolling their houses, gardens and streets.

The town will remind us of what we seem to forget in this materialized modern time. We are planning to let the merchant’s house for a one-night stay, hoping to provide you with an opportunity to learn more about the Omi merchants. Therefore, we would like to know your opinion. It will help us focus on what you want. Please take a few minutes to complete our customer survey.