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  • 【Survey】Let’s enjoy Okueigenji 1.

– Okueigenji area-

A town with a fantastic ancient culture

Okueigenji area is located on the side of the Suzuka mountain range towering on the east of Lake Biwa, the largest lake in Japan. This area is the closest part to the upper stretches of a river carrying rainwater underlying the mountain. It features a beautiful landscape and clean, delicious water.

The water brings lives of their food culture exemplified with wild vegetables, river fish and Jibie. Their ancient lifestyle is the foundation of the tradition. Mandokorocha, an excellent phantom tea, and Kijishi, craftsmen who make wooden containers are well preserved as a part of the culture.
Unexplored nature remains at the further end of the valley. We provide fantastic experience and activities to let you relax and enjoy special moments.