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  • 【Survey】Let’s enjoy Okueigenji 4

Enjoy speciality of Shiga prefecture

You can enjoy the unique food experience made by specialities in Shiga
Please answer the following survey.

    Q1) Which of the following ingredients would most entertain you? (Please tick all that apply)
    River fish or lake fish (carp sushi, small-sized sweetfish, Biwa trout and Iwana, etc.)Omi beef or Omi chickenWild vegetables or vegetablesOmi rice or Mizukagami riceFruitsJapanese sake or wineOthers

    Q2) How much would you pay for a meal made by local ingredients?
    Less than 3,000 yenLess than 5,000 yenLess than 10,000 yen10,000 yen or more

    Q3) Please write your opinions if any