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To provide the unique experience programme, Higashiomi tourist association contributes to planning, development and operational management, in collaboration with Valueon Inc.

The tour featuring a new form of sightseeing offers multiple options for a solo tourist and a small group to make the most of the time in Japan. We are glad to introduce a variety of cultural experience: The Hyakusai-ji Temple which conflicted against Shogun, Omi merchants’ culture underlying Japanese blue-chip enterprises, The Tarobo shrine, famous as a god of victory, Shintoism, and Nunobikyaki blessing with beautiful colours. Not only will you enjoy the cultural experience, there are also food experiences to enjoy local delicacies, such as Omi beef, Biwamasu and Iwana fish. For overseas tourists, the translation app “VoiceBiz” helps to converse with locals and an interpreter guide is available as necessary.

We hope that you enjoy the sightseeings in Higashiomi.

Higashiomi tourist association

25-4 Youkaichi-Midorimachi, Higashiomi city, Shiga prefecture
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